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Media Group is a state of the art recording facility that produces high end audio productions for all types of media applications. Our studios are based in South East Queensland, Australia and are available for audio bookings or hourly studio hire Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

We have all held on the phone waiting for a customer service representative at some point and understand it can be a frustrating experience. Not all busy businesses can provide instant access to customer service; the good news is that it can be made more acceptable by way of professional telephone voice overs.

We at Media Group, are message media specialists and have pleasant and authoritative voices that will professionally greet your customers while on hold to your business.

Perhaps you have called a company and thought the internally recorded voiceover or music on hold you are greeted with doesn’t represent the image of the company very well or the recorded voice giving the customer service prompts just sounds robotic. Professionally recorded messages on hold and greetings will add substance, sophistication and a truly impressive dynamic to all the content on your business system menu, directories and voicemail greetings. Media Group offers well-spoken messages which are delivered by a group of professionals so that even your company’s simplest directions will sound experienced and impressive.

For any successful businesses it is imperative to invest in customising on hold messages and voice over greetings so they can address the very specific needs of a caller as well as the processes of different groups or departments. In doing so you should be able to choose from a wide selection of background music tracks so your listeners will stay entertained and get the feeling that their call is important to you even as they navigate your system. We can provide a wide variety of female and male voices to choose from. There are also industry specific selections for different industries such as technology, real estate, commerce, accounting, legal, etc. Nothing makes a better first impression to a caller like clear, professional, helpful and compelling voiceover information while they are on hold.

No caller anticipates being put on hold even though this should be a reasonable expectation if you are running and thriving business. The key to keeping them interested is to keep them engaged in such a way that they will feel you appreciate their time is valuable. You should offer on hold messages that will answer their FAQs, provide directions to your physical location and any other information that offers value to your customers’ experience. Modern day professional voiceovers by Media Group make use of transfers, hold times and call queues to engage callers in strategic marketing by announcing new services, products or any upcoming special events and promotions. You may also want to appeal to callers on hold with a nice selection of waiting music of different genres; come to us so we can help you customise on hold music so your customers will feel appreciated.


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